Magnifying glass depicting inspection and assessment
Are We There Yet?
When you’re focused on running your organization on a day-to-day basis the answer to “Are we there yet?” isn’t always clear. In reality, the answer - even with a solid plan - is “We’re getting there.”

Healthy organizations with a strong social media management plan are relentlessly getting there. A durable social media strategy means you are constantly on a journey to understand, measure and refine your message that keeps clients, donors, members and supporters engaged in relevant conversations.
Knowing Where You Are Is The Guidepost That Tells You Where You’re Going
Steve Peterson & Associates will lead you through the critical first step of auditing, assessing and understanding your current social media footprint so that knowing where you are can inform and drive where you want to go.

Ours is a straightforward, no-nonsense process that can quickly provide you with data and discussion points that can move your organization forward with actionable strategies.

Sound good?
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The next step in our process is aligning with your organization and creating a strategy aligned with your goals.


Magnifying glass depicting inspection and assessment

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