Thanksgiving Treats For Your Black Friday Shopping and Social Media Hopping

Thanksgiving Treats For Your Black Friday Shopping and Social Media Hopping

With the Thanksgiving holiday upon us we'll all have little extra time to kick back, relax and spend time not only with family and friends but, inevitably, hammer our keyboards into submission doing that Black Friday shuffle that we all do so well. If you've seen any statistics lately on the amount of time we spend on social media you also know all too well that while on the keyboard we'll be sneaking peaks of YouTube videos, Facebook posts and a myriad of other entertainment and social channels.

If we're going to simply admit that our devices dictate that we spend time with them to make the upcoming winter holiday gift giving easier then allow me to gift you a couple of full keyboard strategies to make your navigation not only easier and faster but also more fun. With all due respect to those who exclusively use smart phones or tablets to the get the job done (I'm looking at your millennials), there's still nothing like comparison shopping multiple sites on a computer with the big ass monitor. The problem is that we madly open multiple browser tabs to do the comparison shopping while keeping a number of our social media, recipe, Wikipedia and cat video sites (admit it, admit it!) up and running as well. Here are two cool things you can do you make your next internet odyssey smoother while allowing you to learn a little something in the process.

First is this social media keyboard diagram from the good folks at Hootsuite. It's for a Mac but worry not PC folks. Most of the Mac commands you can simply substitute the Control key for the Mac Command key. It's very helpful for navigating a few social media sites and especially beneficial for YouTube navigation.

The second link is this very handy guide to Chrome's Top 25 browser shortcuts. If you're even half as badly addicted as I am to browser tabs then you can easily have a dozen or better tabs open at any given time. This easy to understand and informative guide is a bookmarking must, although I have to say that after looking it over once or twice the habits became embedded.

Here's to faster, better, stronger browsing, shopping, posting and sharing.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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