Photo of Steve Peterson, owner of Steve Peterson and Associates
Who Is Steve Peterson?
Steve Peterson never planned to be a geek. A writer, graphic designer, retail and business-to-business marketer by trade, Steve’s technological prowess made itself known at an early point in his career. His seminal work during the 1980’s digital desktop publishing revolution proved to be a winning mix of creativity and technology that tripled both sales and the number of stores opened in his company while also scratching Steve’s previously untapped technology itch. He never looked back.

Twenty-five years later, Steve has leveraged that tech passion and expertise across a host of business ventures. He has been a leader of enterprise technology platforms for Fortune 500 companies, mid-sized businesses and small, feisty start-ups with equal passion and integrity. Steve’s innovative management of diverse technologies that have driven marketing, customer service, credit card and remote access business solutions has enabled market leadership positions wherever he goes.

And when he’s not busy being SPA’s President and helping clients formulate strategies that elegantly meld and capitalize their marketing and technology investments, Steve pursues his other passion - music - by managing an Americana band and overseeing all their social media marketing.

In short, Steve is that rare combination of technology wizard and inspired communicator and collaborator who loves working with people to solve complex issues. He’s right at home in artistic, creative, altruistic and socially-relevant settings with clients that value their relationships with donors, members, customers and fans.

That’s the reason he gets up in morning. Let’s say you have him over for coffee sometime soon. Together, you can make something special happen.
Photo of Steve Peterson, owner of Steve Peterson and Associates

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