The Intersection of Technology and Marketing Fuels Competitive Advantage

The Intersection of Technology and Marketing Fuels Competitive Advantage

My client engagements over the past few weeks continue to underscore the importance of an increasing interdependence between marketing and technology.

Competitive advantages in today's economy are fueled by understanding and leveraging technologies that best suite your needs and working with consultants and partners who can help drive them. Recently Steve Peterson & Associates has:

  • Worked with a grant writer for nonprofits on a remote access solution that allowed her to work on documents on her home computer while on a train form New York to Richmond. Without this solution in place she would have missed an important deadline for a grant for one of her clients. With remote access in place she was able to submit the grant two hours before the deadline, positioning her client for success.
  • Worked on analysis for a video production company that will allow more robust email management, shared calendar and video storage solutions, three pain points that when implemented will solve their speed to market and company communication/scheduling challenges.
  • Submitted a proposal for a medical association management company for training in social media marketing and management that will increase their Association Manager understanding of best channels, best practices and how best to execute on a social media agenda.

While it's true that at least two of these endeavors fall well outside the bounds of our firm's core work in social media management, the fact that a solid technology footing fosters further discussion and makes social media campaigns possible by removing technology distractions is a benefit that can't be underestimated. Besides, we love doing this stuff too! To tell clients we'd rather not share our 30 years of technology experience in start ups, mid-sized and fortune 500 companies would be a disservice.

And when technology wins, people win. Technology manages the nuts and bolts, nits and gnats of your marketing efforts. People, who possess endless creativity when not bogged down in technology, are what drive great campaigns. Remove technology barriers that allow an organization's collective brainpower to flourish and you've got a winning formula on your hands. Technology gets out of the way and people are happier for it.

Social media marketing consultant, yes. Technology advisor, absolutely! When the technology solution requires more firepower Steve Peterson & Associates has a great partner that understands and is entirely focused on nonprofit IT management.

Bring your challenges to the table. Our inner geek awaits.

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